22 Years of experience –
5000 projects for Russian companies.

Safety. Stability. Development.
Investments in consulting are justify: the average investments value in consulting is more than 100%

Аbout us

According to 2016 year results KSK group is a leading company in audit and consulting market in Russia and takes the 12th place in the largest audit and consulting groups list.

KSK group is a leader in following directions in Russia:

  • Legal Consulting – 1st place.
  • Tax Consulting – 8th place.

We solve the issues and help to develop business.

More than 5,000 projects have been implemented for more than 1,000 customers.

Our customer is medium (annual business volume should be at least 500 million rubles per year) and large (up to the IPO) unresourced, private business.

We work with the following industries:

  • manufacture;
  • trade;
  • construction and development;
  • logistics;
  • Services and Facilities (B2B).

We always satisfy and discharge obligations according to contract terms. Every company is unique and a lot of things can change rapidly in it, that’s why we reserve the opportunity to discuss with the Client the possibility of changing the main goals and working process.

We prefer to do extra work than to leave unfinished the one we took an obligation for.

At the end of a consulting project we try to keep terms with the Client.

We feel responsible for their businesses future that’s why we take part in it if the Client wants it.

Sincere gratitude from Client company management for the development and success in their business with KSK group effective force is the biggest motivation for the KSK mangers.


Senior partner

Consulting is all the intellectual work that is done by the KSK group’s specialists in the partnership with the client. We solve any case, any issue in the field of management. That's why our consulting services is comprehensive!

Service is all practical and qualified efforts that ensure positive changes in the business systems and functions of the client.

Capital is the final result of these efforts. This is an increase in the value of the client's business, which means the ability to earn more and more profits. Or, as we say in the KSK group, it's "Security. Sustainability. Development." for business.

But that is not all! KSK group is the first consulting company in Russian Federation, that assesses the current benefit from consulting during the first 12 months and expresses it in percent per annum, in ROI (Return On Investment - the return on investment). That's why we, KSK group, are pragmatists!


Senior partner of KSK group. 25 years of successful business development experience

IGOR OSTROVSKIY – Senior partner of KSK group. 25 years of successful business development experience

Professional experience

Igor Ostrovskiy has started his career in the banking sector while he was a student, passing the path from trainee to Chairman of the Board of Directors. Igor Ostrovskiy has achieved success due to his extreme diligence, business approach to any deal and absolute purposefulness. Sincerely devoted to the interests of clients, his team and business. He actively participates not only in developing the company's strategy, but also in all key business processes.


Igor Ostrovskiy has graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University in 1994. His specialty is "Social Philosophy". Throughout his studies Igor was engaged in the issue of effective communications, and defended his thesis on "Information and communication processes in the social environment."


More than 5000 carried out projects. From the implementation of ERP-systems to large infrastructure projects. Metallurgy, pharmaceutics, production, wholesale, construction, agriculture, transport and communications, etc.


Our History

  • 2016 – KSK group – the leader on the market of legal consulting (1st place in the rating of the y "Expert RA" agency, 2016)
  • 2015 – KSK group celebrated its 21st birthday
  • 2014 – KSK Group celebrated its 20th anniversary
  • 2013 – May 2013, fifth anniversary forum "Round table of financial directors" in Italy
  • 2011 – Launch of the project "Round table of financial directors". Identify relevant needs of medium and large businesses and focus on priority areas of consulting
  • 2010 – KSK Group is one of the top ten business consultants in Russia for general audit and evaluation (RA "Expert")
  • 2009 – KSK group improves its leadership position in the market of audit and consulting services, taking the 16th place in the RA "Expert" rating
  • 2008 – KSK Group is recognized as the market leader in consulting, valuation and audit services (according to the international rating agency Unipravex)
  • 2007 – PRADO owners make a strategic decision on reforming the Group of Companies "PRADO Banker and Consultant" and creating KSK group
  • 2006 – The group was awarded with the diploma "For contribution to the formation of the smart consumer market in Russia". The total personnel number of the KSK group is more than 1000 employees
  • 2005 – PRADO ranks 15th among the largest consulting groups in Russia (April 2006, RA Expert)
  • 2001 – The group of companies starts working under the single brand "PRADO Banker and Consultant"
  • 1994 – Creation a group of auditors, lawyers and IT professionals - graduates of the Moscow State University


KSK group services are way to fatten the margin profits by 30-50%

Our experts

KSK group – is a team of professionals

Our work is based on the following principles

1. Erudition

BUSINESS erudition is an important skill. But it is unallowable for businessman to solve the issues using only his own resources. It takes a lot of money and can lead you to more problems! There is no place "for experiments" in new reality.

2. Events

We need events to understand tasks and principles of its solutions. It is impossible to obtain practical solutions without professional diagnostics on events. There is no "magic pill" for all diseases. Events are preparing a professional customer. Events make clear principles, typical symptoms, problems, solutions and results. It gives the businessman language in which he can talk about his problems.

3. Partnership

To achieve a result we must work in partnership, we must “want” and “do” from both sides. The customer should have a management willpower, a burning desire to develop, an “open mind” and a dialogue, as well as consultants should offer an experience, expertise, specialized tools, the skill of positive changes and ensure a positive outcome!

4. Proactivity

Such tasks as problem’s optimization, development and strengthening of business functions should be decided systematically, previously and with professional consulting! Otherwise, the problems complicacy will grow and the possibility of its allowance will fall!

5. Get out of your comfort zone

In a order to win and to be a leader the businessman should leave the familiar comfort zone such as a "squirrel cage", vanity, doing everything using only own resources, nonsystem work. He should take the right direction: with the help of professional consulting services start strengthening business key functions and business in general.

6. Leadership

KSK group is a leaders club. Our company is a leader and we want to see leaders in our neighborhood, including our customers, partners and employees. Being a leader is not just more profitable and interesting, but also it is much easier!

7. ROI (effectiveness)

ROI is an approach of pragmatic responsibility for money, when investments in consulting are justified.

We should characterize each component of the business by a professional diagnosis and achieve return of each invested ruble in the first year.

No matter how well you have developed business functions and systems, each component can be further strengthened and you can achieve a greater business value.

8. S.S.D (Safety. Stability. Development.)

S.S.D is not just the main result of consulting, but also it is aspect through which we look at the business and its components and find decisions to strengthen them.

Any aspect without the other is useless. For example, why should develop business if raiders or the police, or revenue body can destroy it?

More than 1000 loyal clients

Over 5000 stories of success

Nova Tour
De La Rue
Atlant-M Russia
Planet Fitness
Skinnery Kalyaev


We are interested in involvement of the active and purposeful people who are adjusted on continuous development.

We offer job seekers the prospect of personal and professional growth, the healthy working atmosphere and clear "rules of the game" allowing to move on career ladder and to achieve effective objectives.

Are you a leader? Do you want to grow professionally how the personality, to be successful, independent and to solve interesting challenges? Are you ambitious and ready to submit new professional and business tops? Do you want to work in the best Russian consulting company? Then your choice – KSK group.

We invite to work in the company of specialists with a rich working experience in audit, taxes, the law, an assessment, obtaining of financing, marketing and sales, personnel decisions, automation and managerial consultation. There are unique conditions for effective work and professional development that allows to attract in KSK of groups of the most talented and highly-skilled employees. One of our competitive advantages is a creation of the best conditions for the best people.

Doors in KSK of groups are open for talented, hardworking and ambitious. We offer the competitive salary level, a possibility of constant development by means of corporate trainings, seminars and conferences, a worthy benefits package and team work of true professionals for our potential employees.

Send the curriculum vitae to an e-mail address: evizhulina@kskgroup.ru

Our service of personnel will attentively consider the summary and will contact you to offer the interesting vacancy corresponding to your experience and knowledge.



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Sending inquiry

Free primary consultation

Communication with the expert


Tax consulting is needed to create and maintain taxpayer’s impeccable reputation. Tax compliance is each businesses obligation.


We provide any type of financial audit. KSK group company employees look for sustainable solutions for effective operation and development of our clients' business. We provide a range of services in the field of financial consulting and auditing. The audit carried out by experts with extensive experience and professional knowledge.

We provide a range of services in financial consulting and audit. Expert and individual solutions help to improve business management effectiveness. With our help, the audit will be done in proper way and without difficulty. KSK group main goal is to create conditions in which our clients would feel safe and protected.

We work in directions, which influence business stability:

We will help to identify mistakes and shortcomings in the company's business, to minimize costs and to improve work process effectiveness.


IFRS statements – is control, business development and financial attractiveness. Contact KSK group for IFRS statements and your business will get next benefits:

International structuring

KSK group employees have a huge practical experience in international structuring and tax planning.

In modern business conditions international tax planning is a complex of legal processes which help to minimize risks and make less coast loading. Do not confuse it with avoidance of legal obligations. This is completely legal activities which are made with certain tools accepted in international practice. This includes properly structured business system, usage of all tax benefits, which are provided by the law, etc.

Many countries try to limit these possibilities, adopting new norms and standards that make tax planning difficult. That’s why we should systematically monitor changes in legislation and quickly change company systems to be able to cool payments.

We can help our clients to build an effective system, handle properly a transaction with foreign partners, to protect assets.


We have a unique expertise in the analysis and quick business process automation. Management crisis comes almost in each company at growth and development stage. Sometimes top management try to solve it by their own forces others outsource it to qualified consultants. We believe that the most productive option is an equal partnership between company management (business owner first of all) and consultants. Business process optimization helps to fatten the profits and minimize expenses. KSK group experts have extensive experience in working with companies from different sectors of the economy.

Legal consulting

Legal services

KSK Group provides a service of protection of interests in arbitration court, regular and other courts on economic, tax, labor and other disputes. We successfully win a court case in different format and level of complexity: collection debts, disputes about declaration of title to land property which were connected by confusing documentation.

Legal representation services include several stages.

Legal expertise. At this stage KSK group experts check for the required document set, make a complex legal review of available documents to check their legitimacy, evaluate the quality of evidence base. As a result of the legal expertise experts define opportunity for dispute positive resolution and create a position in court.

Litigation support

At this stage we file a statement of claim and create evidentiary base. Our experts will present all the necessary documents to the court. Also, we will render services in drawing up and hand in an injunction application for abidance all other necessary procedural actions. KSK Group specialists are preparing the case for trial and appear before court session of any judicial instances. They draw up all necessary documents (statements, complaints, petitions, etc..). There are a lot of successful solution for our customers in our legal representation practice.

Appeal from judicial act

Appeal from judicial act service includes appeals preparation and legal representation in appeal and cassation court.

Enforcement proceeding

KSK group experts practice a variety services during levying of execution of a judgment. For example: they provide enforcement document for execution, prepare necessary documents (subpoena, legal statement, applications) for execution of judgment. In addition, we will help you appeal judicial bailiff-executor’s action or lack of action. Our experts will control judicial bailiff-executor’s actions and execution procedure. We’ll do our best to ensure that you can run a business without spending a lot of time to interact with the judiciary.


Valuation of assets for your business

Our task is to provide you detailed information based on a proper analysis. In addition, we provide express valuation, which will help to make a quick decision on any direction of your business.

Valuation of real estate

Purchas and sale, mortgage credit, rent and other actions connected with landed estate should be begun with valuation of real estate.

Landed estate owner should know its real price, which is not constant and can be changed depending on economic situation, demand and supply. KSK group experts can make land property valuation of residential and commercial real estate, incomplete construction projects, etc.

Movable estate valuation

Equipment and transport is a special category of assets whose market value is unstable. It can increase or decrease due to the emergence of innovative developments or changes in market. Assessment of movable property requires special skills and integrated approach: takes into account the technical and operational parameters, price forecasts, marketing and economic information.

Business valuation

It is impossible to run the company successfully today without understanding its market value. Effectiveness or ineffectiveness of any management strategies can be valued by professional business valuation. It is impossible to make purchase and sales, financing on security, taxation, assurance without business valuation. Our experts will help to assess the value of the company from any industry, including banking, insurance companies and investment.

Fictitious assets and IP valuation

Intellectual property and fictitious assets are becoming one of the most important corporate assets part due to the development of economy and technology implementation. Fictitious assets valuation often dominate material one and become a major resource for company in competitive struggle. This is reasonable for companies that have a sustainable business reputation, owning famous trademarks, or working in high technology market.

We estimate the following types of fictitious assets: copyrights, "know-how", research and development (R & D), scientific research and experimental development, patents, licenses, trademarks, goodwill (business reputation).

Securities valuation

Securities market is dynamic that’s why return on equity always changes. Investor can make a profit or suffer a loss depending on investment decision, that’s why you need substantiation of prices before doing it. It is necessary to monitor the changes taking place in the stock market, and have information about the real market securities valuation. Our experts will help you to evaluate the various types of securities: equity securities (common and prior security), debt securities (bonds and bills), derivatives (options, futures) issued by public authorities, financial institutions, enterprises and organizations.


KSK group consultants have invaluable experience and effective technologies to make the necessary changes in management. KSK group can make a comprehensive audit of the management in company, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses in system. As a result, we identify problems and offer the most effective methods solving them – including trainings, motivation and staff development, KPI system.

Sales and Marketing

We have a complex approach in solving the problem of increasing the quality of sales. The main factor at this stage is an effective mechanism for control in company, which should consider the specificity of working process. KSK group will help you to improve all main processes connected with management and human capital management.


We offer practical solutions in human resource management and HR processes valuation, such as: stuff recruitment, adaptation, motivation, evaluation and trainings. You can get high results even without big financial assets if you have qualified employees and motivation system. It is exactly qualified personal and human relations which influence company attractiveness. Personnel management is one of the most significant factors in company development.KSK group serves a professional HR-Consulting in Moscow, which is trusted by leading representatives from various industries, large retail chains, international companies. We will be happy to help your business become more successful and more efficient.

Obtaining financing

KSK group analysts always monitor banking market and analyze credit company’s finance product. One of the most common task for any company – is to find additional financial source. This is a natural step, which can be connected with the development of manufacturing capabilities, increasing the amount of business and other factors. KSK group task is to help you find the investment sources get them on the most favorable terms. A moment when your own assets are not enough can come any time. In this case, qualified professionals can help you to get an external financing.

Constructive consulting

We suggest an expert control on every construction stage:

During construction or repair of any object main tasks are to implement the project in strict accordance with the approved documentation, and not to allow overspending. A significant number of contractors and the large number of related documentation are usually use in the construction process. It’s very important for the customer to control each stage of the process – from estimate documents preparation to volume and quality valuation of work. There is a constructive department in KSK group, where works a unique team of various specialists: lawyers, economists, engineers, quantity surveyors, planners, auditors.


The main types of outsourcing:

KSK groups employees offer a professional assistance in accounting and tax records, formation of periodic reporting. If you entrust us in this task you can save on training and upgrade qualifications of your staff. The best outsourcing quality can be achieved by the experience and professionalism of our experts, as well as by the knowledge and keeping a close watch on changes in legislation.

Outsourcing – is the transfer of certain functions or business processes from one company to another on the basis of the concluded agreement (subcontract).

One of the main KSK group specialty is accounting services outsourcing.

Years of experience allow us to be in an effective cooperation with various companies. With each client we agree the schedule for document flow. There should be nominated a coordinator in the company, who works with a representative of our company, responsible for accounting outsourcing. We work with primary documentation, process it and generate reports. Our employees have extensive practical experience and thoroughly know the law.

Accounting outsourcing service is available upon customer's specifications. Before taking a company on outsourcing, KSK group experts do an express audit to identify the current state of affairs.

Dmitry Vodchits

Head of Tax Practice

Professional experience

2010 – KSK group;

2006 – worked as a lead Counsel of the legal department at "Mezhreghionalnaya Konsaltingovaya Kompaniya" LLC;

2005 – worked as a lawyer at "Bosfor-OO" LLC.


Moscow State Industrial University

Inna Batsyleva

Head of Tax Practice

Leads practice at tax law field: objection preparation for tax audits acts, interests representation of legal entities at tax authorities during tax-materials inspection, the appeal of tax authorities decisions based on the results of field, cameral tax inspections in the higher tax authorities.


Bryansk State University, Law Department;

Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Finance and Credit Department;

Member of the Chamber of Tax Consultants of the Russian Federation.

Denis Seleznev

Leader of "1F-automatization" practice

Professional experience

2007 — Head of IT practice at KSK group;

1998 – CEO and partner of the "1Forma" company;

1995 – Head of IT department at “PRADO Banker and Consultant”.


Moscow State University, Physics Faculty.


More than 100 implemented projects: from the ERP system till large infrastructure projects implementation in such fields as metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, retail, construction, forestry, agriculture, transport and communications, etc.

Elena Mezhueva

Head of "Financial Consulting" practice

Professional experience

1993-1997 – worked as an accountant-general in trade, foreign trade and insurance areas;

1997-2010 – made a career from lead auditor position to executive director at "Prado. Audit" LLC;

2011-2013 – worked in banking sector: SDM-Bank, bank's president adviser at "Russian Credit" JSC.

Since 2013 – Head of "Financial Consulting and Audit" practice


Rostov State University, Philosophy Department; North-Caucasian Academy of Civil Service, International Economics Department; Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Auditor’s certificate; Annual training in 40 hours; BVQI certificate of "Lead Auditor for ISO 9000 quality systems" qualification; IAB Qualifications of business certificate of professional development in international accounting; Financial Academy certificate of advanced training program "Transformation and consolidation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS"; co-author of the book "Hello, we are your auditors!".

Svetlana Krapiventseva

Head of "IFRS" practice

Professional experience

Since 2016 Head of IFRS practice at KSK group;

2014-2015 - Head of International audit and consulting department at audit company TOP-10 (Expert RA);

2010-2013 - Head of IFRS implementation and automatization at a big telecommunications holding;

2003-2009 – Top-manager of audit and accounting department at audit-consulting group.


2013 – The unified auditor's passport;

2012 – ACCA (Advance Diploma in Business and accounting);

2004 – Auditor's Certificate for General Audit;

2003 – Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation;

1998 – Moscow Finance College.


"Consolidation under and without control".

The more the head company has its subsidiaries - the more difficult is the process of consolidation. Especially in case if the controlling model changes all the time (the company eliminated / are added to the consolidation process). Let's understand how to consider the company under the control and without. Read more in the magazine "IFRS in practice» №5 May 2016.

Roman Shishkin

The Head of Tax practice, Candidate of Legal Sciences

Professional experience

2011-2012 – worked for Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation as a consultant of the Legal Department;

2009-2011 – worked for the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation in Moscow district as general state tax inspector of the Legal Department / acting Head of the Legal Department;

2006-2009 – worked for the Tax Inspectorate of the Russian Federation № 9 in the Moscow district.


Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, specialization "Law", Candidate of Legal Sciences.

Alexey Chubarov

Head of "International business structuring" practice

Professional experience

2007 – works for International projects and tax practice Department of KSK group;

2004-2007 - worked as an expert at the Department of foreign economic activity of big exporting company.


Graduated from the Sevastopol State Technical University and the Institute of Economics and Law of Moscow Academy of Labor and Social Relations, Finance and Credit Department.

Dmitry Strok

Head of "Assessment" practice

Since 2002 more than 300 of the Property Assessment projects including 50 large ones related to the enterprises of mechanical engineering, construction, electronic, railway, automobile, energy, food, metals, credit and finance, and other sectors of the economy, were implemented by KSK group.

Member of the Direction and Advisory Council of the Interregional self-regulating non-profit organization OPEO.

Member of the Ethics National Council Committee of the assessment activity in the Russian Federation.

Professional experience

2001 – Head of the assessment company;

2009 – The head of "Assessment" practice of KSK group.


Graduated from the Institute of professional assessment, "Assessment of Enterprise (Business)" program;

Training at the University Of Mechanical Engineering "UME".

Ekaterina Vizhulina

Head of HR practice

Professional experience

2013-nowadays – headed personnel and HR department at KSK group. Ekaterina has vast experience in both linear and complex recruitment: from sales manager to unique software developer and top managers of the companies. Also Ekaterina realizes projects for the corporate culture formation, organizes corporate events: “beer party”, “team buildings”, corporate dinners and methodological colloquium. Elaborates motivating, adoption and social audit strategies for companies. Implements financial motivation projects for employees, develops career maps, conducting breakfast meeting with the topic "Corporate Culture", "The development of owners in personnel management". Helps owners to realize their companies’ global plans for the management and motivation.

2010-2011 – started her career at KSK group being an HR-manager, then continued her career as a senior HR manager and deputy head of HR practice at KSK group.

2009-2011 – senior recruiting manager at "Infotell" company - one of the biggest Russian contact centers. Main responsibilities: recruitment, adaptation and motivation, corporate environment formation.


Graduated from the Moscow City Pedagogical University, Philology Specialization.

Evgeniy Borisov

Head of "Bank lending" practice

Professional experience

2005-2009 – worked in banking, lending offices of Sberbank of Russia and been a supervisor at Credit Europe Bank;

2008-2011 – worked in financial consulting at "RFC" LLC;

2011 – worked for financial consulting company "Consult Clover" and in company group "Clover";

Since 2014 - Head of KSK group’s "Fundraising" practice.


Moscow Banking School (College) at the Central Bank of Russia, Moscow Financial Industrial Academy

Maria Kolchina

Head of "Sales system formation" practice

Having experience of design work in such industries as pharmaceuticals, furniture and building materials, production and distribution of food, industrial goods and services.

Conducts Executive MBA program in Russian business schools.

Being a business coach IGISP.

As a consultant and project manager Maria works on sales planning, business processes and organizational sales structures optimization, development and implementation of assessment systems, staffing, motivation and training.


Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation – MBA. Moscow State University, Department of Psychology.

Ilya Lazuchenkov

Leader of "Branding" practice

Professional experience

A professional marketer, brand strategies consultant, the expert in online communications; Ilya possesses vast experience in the development and implementation of dozens of brands.

Alexander Romanenko

The head of "Marketing Research" practice

Consults on strategic marketing questions. Alexander specializes on the fundamental analysis of industrial and consumer markets. His area of interests is the impact of macroeconomic factors on local markets’ development.


Postgraduate of Institute of Economy in Transition

Master of Organization Management, Far Eastern State Technical University.

Ekaterina Colina

The head of "Marketing Research" practice

Professional experience

The head of research department in KSK group. Ekaterina specializes in the research of behavior and preferences of consumers in the b2b / b2c markets and identifying of perspective areas of development.

Among her interests is implementation of marketing tools to analyze and improve the efficiency of the distribution system: the monitoring of retail outlets, the audit of dealers, the assessment of the work quality of merchandisers, the development of a partnership network.

Andrey Tyurin

Head of "Bank lending" practice

Professional experience

2007-2011 – worked in banking sector, raised from a specialist position to the head of corporate block for key customers position, "Raiffeisenbank", "Russian International Bank", "Probusinessbank", "Metallurgical Commercial Bank";

2008-2011 – worked in financial consulting "RFC" LLC;

Since 2011 – worked for financial consulting company "Consult Clover" LLC and at the company group "Clover";

Since 2014 – Head of KSK group’s "Fundraising" practice.


Moscow State Forest University, ECT Dept / Automation and Control, Engineer, Management and informatics in technical systems Specialization.

Teimuraz Vashakmadze

Head of "Fundraising" practice

Professional experience

Business assessment, financial modeling, sell-side and buy-side M&A, investment and financial analysis.

Before creation of own project FIN-NODEL.ru also held a position of the head of the Russian representation and the main investment strategist in the Swiss company Centmillion AG.

Mikhail Grafsky

Head of "Personnel training" practice

Professional experience

03.2009-present – Clientbridge Sales Outsourcing Company. Managing partner, CEO, specialist in development and deployment of technologies of advance and sales.

09.2008-11.2008 – The higher school of the International Business (Academy of national economy at the Government of the Russian Federation). Teacher of training courses (MBA)

03.2007-10.2008 – Broker company Utreaid.ru (CB Yuniastrum Bank). Leading expert of department of development of technologies of sales, Leading trainer

10.2005-03.2007 – NLP institute, Trainer

02.2004-10.2005 – NLP Moscow Center, Trainer

07.2003-10.2007 – TeamLab. Trainer of team building

Mikhail specializes in the solution of the following tasks:

  • assessment, training and development of trade personnel;
  • development of technologies of sales;
  • creation of system of sales.


Graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical State University (specialty- the educational psychologist)

2002 — the practical Psychologist-consultant (The international Academy of Informatization and the International Pedagogical Academy)

2005 — the Trainer Trenerov (NLP Institute)

2004 — the Associated Trainer (NLP Institute)

2006 — the Certified Trainer (NLP Institute)

2002-2009 – Various trainings and master classes in skill of communication, management, management of changes, trainer's and to oratory, personal growth, etc. at the Russian and foreign trainers, such as J. Vaughan Aiken, Fyu Pyyuselik, B. Eriksoye, S. Gorin, M. Ginzburg, M. Lyakhovitsky, etc.

Valeria Dvortsevaya

Head HR practice

Teaches at business school in Moscow ("Mirbis"), gives a course of lectures on the subject "Human resource management". The expert of Association of consultants for staff recruitment;

The recruitment agency of "Vis-a-vis Consult" — is the company No. 1 on quality of work following the results of the VIII rating of recruitment agencies of the Human resource management magazine for 2010, by results of a rating for 2012 — enters in TOP-3, has the largest number of the consultants nominated by clients as "The best consultant of Russia".

Alexey Rabotyagov

Head of "IT security" practice

Specialized in decisions on information security and data protection, had extensive experience of consultation of the large Russian companies on a wide range of questions in the field of information technologies.

Professional experience

Experience in IT more than 20 years.

Work as in the largest IT and consulting companies such as IBS and LANIT, and in the largest production companies of Russia: GUTA group, Russian Standard, Sun InBev.

Aida Ibragimova

Head of personnel practice

Professional experience

2015-on N / in – heads department of personnel practice of KSK group. Aida has a wide experience of maintaining a personnel record, realizes projects on personnel outsourcing, audit and restoration of personnel office-work. Engaged in development of local regulations of the companies, provisions and instructions, carries out business breakfasts on the subject "Corporate culture", provides trainings for HR specialists of the companies of the client. Helped owners of the companies to understand questions of application of the labor law and to optimize the risks connected with maintaining a personnel record.

Since 2010-2014 – started career in KSK group as the manager of personnel practice. Continued further the career and professional way on a position the deputy head of personnel practice of KSK group.

2010-2011 worked as the HR manager of large furniture factory. Belonged to duties: full maintaining a personnel record, salary project and military account.


Graduated from the State university of management in speciality "Management of the organization".

Sergey Tikhonov

Project Manager "Automation: 1F"

The expert in the field of systems of the class ERP, ECM, BPM. Interindustry expert in EDO. Graduated from RGGU majoring in "information security", the graduate of MVA according to the program of "TORAHS managers" in a RANEPA at the Russian President.